Me and my nana xx

Me and my nana xx

From a very young age I have been infatuated with sweet treats!  Growing up the most special of treats were those that my nana Monica Hall would make for Chistmas.  Slices, cakes, biscuits - you name it, we had it.  At Christmas time the family would gather at the crib (NZ south island slang for a beach house) where everyone would race to raid the tupperware containers jam packed full of goodies.  If you got to the beach late, you either missed out or ran the risk of eating treats that had been licked by Uncle Colin...or at least that is what he told us kids!  Well played Uncle Colin, well played!

When my nana passed away, I was lucky enough to inherit her collection of cook books and over the last few years I have been slowly been baking my way through her handwritten and often cryptic recipes.

It is my nana Monica that has led me to where I am today, writing to you, sharing my experiences and creations.  My aim is to create sweet treats that taste the way nana made them, taking inspiration from her carefully handwritten recipes and throwing in some of my own too.

Thanks for joining me on this sweet journey!

Cindy x